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Taste of Thailand

Hand-hammered CarBon Steel Wok


Historically, using the right wok would enable “wok hay,” or the wok’s breath - that unique flavor quality that comes from cooking in a wok over very high heat. These specially ordered woks are hand-hammered into its classicrounded shape - both designed to ensure even and quick distribution of heat.

Wok Ring


Specially designed wok ring - crafted to be used with our carbon steel wok. The ring helps with stabilizing the round-bottomed wok, enabling you to perch it directly above the burner flame for optimal heat distribution. You can also use the ring to tilt your wok as you cook - perfect for scrambling eggs into noodles or fried rice!

Award-winning Jade Sichuan Peanut Sauce


Tying in all the favors together is a good peanut sauce. We found this all-natural sauce honoring the traditional Thai flavors of sweet, spicy and tart. TLA Pacific Kitchen introduced their Peanut Sauce to the US market in 1983, and has since won awards like a “Taster’s Choice” in San Francisco.

Critically acclaimed green curry sauce


Get a sophisticated kick of thai flavor with Thaifusions’ expertly crafted green curry. A family recipe, the blend contains flavors like organic coconut milk, green chili peppers, spicy thai basil, sweet cilantro, fresh kaffir lime leaves, and much more. Critically acclaimed chef and proud Thai-American Toi Borthwick brings her special sauces to market.

Organic Pad Thai Noodles


Finally, to complete the experience, we added these organic, fluten-free Pad Thai Noodles. Made with brown rice flour, the flat consistency of the noodles boasts a silken texture that naturally suits both robust and gentle flavors adding a succulent body to any dish.

Expert Recipes and How-to guides


Unique expert chef recipes and how to guides to host the perfect dinner party, plan a romantic date night or prepare an amazing family dinner. Enhance your kitchen with out expertly crafted culinary experiences.

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