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Experience a Taste of Thailand with artisan Thai ingredients and an authentic hand-hammered steel wok. Traditional Thai flavors like green curry (kaeng), peanut sauce (bumbu kacang), and fish sauce (nam pla) transform stir-fries into classic Thai feasts like Shrimp Pad Thai and modern riffs like our Green Curry in a Hurry. The most important tool in Thai cooking, a large, hand-hammered carbon steel wok makes the cooking quick and easy. A wok ring keeps your wok stable on the stove while you stir fry Organic Pad Thai Noodles with one of our three artisan sauces for a transformational Thai feast.

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Hand-hammered Carbon Steel Wok by Hamptons Lane, New York, NY

This authentic carbon steel wok was made special for Hamptons Lane by an esteemed metal manufacturer in China. Each piece is hand-hammered into it's classic rounded shape that sits perfectly into the wok ring - both designed to ensure even and quick distribution of heat. A wok is the most important tool in Thai cooking, and, as such, is used often and requires special care. You'll find it perfect for stir-frying and saut_ing, especially when whipping up a Sichuan Beef Stir Fry or our classic Shrimp Pad Thai. The wok measures 14 inches wide (the recommended size for home cooking) and has a boxwood handle that does not conduct heat.

Note: this wok does not work well on electric ranges.

"Wok" means "cooking pot" in Chinese, reflecting the versatility of the tool. Although woks can come in a variety of materials, a carbon steel wok is the best because it can quickly and evenly distribute heat, is lighter than cast iron, and takes on natural non-stick qualities with frequent use and proper care. A wok is incredibly easy to use, as you can create and entire meal in just one singular pan.

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Wok Ring by Hamptons Lane, New York, NY

This metal wok ring is specially designed and crafted to be used with our hand-hammered carbon steel wok. The ring helps with stabilizing the round-bottomed wok, enabling you to perch it directly above the burner flame for optimal heat distribution. It also has openings along the outside of the ring to allow for flames to travel up the bottoms edges of your wok. The wok ring also enables you to tilt your wok as needed - especially helpful when cracking eggs to scramble alongside a pile of noodles for Shrimp Pad Thai.

Award-Winning Jade Sichuan Peanut Sauce by TLA Pacific Kitchen Inc., San Mateo, CA

This all-natural sauce honors the traditional Thai flavor combination of sweet, spicy and tart. A unique blend of peanuts and spices, it adds bold flavor to anything - especially our classic Shrimp Pad Thai. TLA Pacific Kitchen introduced their Peanut Sauce to the US market in 1983, and has since won awards like a "Taster's Choice" contest that took place in the heart of Asian-American food: San Francisco. Its intense flavor ensures that a little goes a long way while its all-natural composition guarantees you are getting the highest quality product. One 13.5oz bottle.

When TLA Pacific Kitchen, a small family company, started producing JADE sauces in 1983, good tasting Asian sauces were hard to find. They found that it took time to make up the sauces to season the dishes, and set out to solve this problem with their sauces. Their sauces are made with quality all-natural ingredients and use no preservatives, all made in the USA.

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Critically Acclaimed Green Curry Sauce by Thaifusions Co., Seattle, WA

Get a sophisticated kick of Thai flavor with Thaifusions' expertly crafted Green Curry. A family recipe, the blend contains flavors like organic coconut milk, green chili peppers, spicy Thai basil, sweet cilantro, fresh Kaffir lime leaves, and much more. Critically acclaimed chef and proud Thai-American Toi Borthwick teamed up with her son, Max, to bring her special sauces to market. They have been featured by the likes of Bon App_tit and Travel + Leisure for their authentic flavor and ease of use.

VIDEO: Watch the Artisan Story of the mother-son team behind Thaifusions, brought to you by Williams-Sonoma. Click To Watch

Thaifusions is a love of culture, family and food. It is an extension of who Thaifusions Co. is, not only as a family, but also as a shared collective passion for Thai food and authentic recipes. Thaifusions is the best high quality, authentic, product available. They take the slow approach to creating all of their products and only use fresh, authentic Thai spices, like real Kaffir Lime Leaves, fresh Thai Basil, and Lemongrass. They also take whole Valencia peanuts, dry roast, and then grind them into a peanut butter stock before adding it to each batch of Peanut Sauce. You can smell and taste the quality immediately.

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Organic Pad Thai Noodles by King Soba, Yucca Valley, CA

Made with brown rice flour, these organic, gluten-free Pad Thai Noodles are sure to add succulent body to any dish. The flat consistency of Pad Thai noodles boasts a silken texture that naturally suits both robust and gentle flavors, so get ready to use your Organic Pad Thai Noodles in everything from our classic Shrimp Pad Thai to a simple Sichuan Beef Stir Fry. A fair-trade certified product, the purchase of these noodles enables the improvement of working and living conditions of producers in developing countries and encourages environmental protection.

King Soba is a family run business that believes in the principles of healthy eating and sustainable agriculture. They believe that a balanced diet based on organically grown whole foods is essential to good health, happiness and wellbeing. All the organic ingredients used in King Soba products are certified to USDA/NOP, COR and EU standards.

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Best in the World Red Boat Fish Sauce by Viet Phu Inc., Phu Quoc Island, Vietnam

This savory, sweet, and umami-laden sauce is the secret ingredient in Southeast Asian cooking and gives dishes a unique, rich, and satisfying dimension. This award-winning sauce is made from a two hundred year-old, chemical free process and starts with the freshest cá com, or black anchovy, which, after salting, is slow aged in wooden barrels for over a year. The anchovies used to make this sauce are sourced exclusively from the crystal clear waters off the Phu Quoc Island archipelago in Vietnam. A preservative and MSG-free product, Red Boat Fish Sauce is the clear favorite amongst top chefs and food experts around the world - truly the best of the best.

VIDEO: Watch Top Chef Spike Mendelsohn tour Red Boat's operations in Vietnam and learn more about how the sauce is made. Click To Watch

A key indicator of quality, nutrition, and flavor in fish sauce is protein content. The super premium 40°N Red Boat Fish Sauce contains the highest natural levels of protein on the market. Red Boat Fish Sauce is always labeled with this number so you know you are getting the very best. Chefs and food publications agree - Cook's Illustrated, Bon Appètit, Men's Health, The New York Times, Saveur, Tasting Table, Food & Wine and more all rank Red Boat Fish Sauce as Number One.

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Each themed box includes expert chef recipes and how to guides to host the perfect dinner party, plan a romantic date night or prepare an amazing family dinner. Enhance your kitchen with our expertly crafted culinary experiences.

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"Nearly all of Thai cuisine is cooked in a steel wok, so we knew it was important to provide you with the best, most authentic wok possible. It is the real deal, and as such, this wok will get better with age and more cooking - a true heirloom piece!" - Emily Battisa

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